Our Story

How it all started...

Pastor Doug Sibcy was leading Impact Church when he, and his wife Diane, decided to take some bold steps away from a brick-and-mortar building.

Under the previous model,  the church was spending $137,000 a year on the building, utilities, cleaning, support staff, and other things. Doug and Diane became convinced that God was leading them to begin a new work based in homes. “All of this with the sole purpose of sharing the gospel,” Doug said. “We knew this is what God wanted for us.”

Pastor Doug and Diane communicated this vision to the leadership team and eventually to the church. “Our vision was more than just groups meeting in homes,” Doug said. “We envisioned small groups meeting in homes, other locations in the community, gathering monthly for group worship, and hosting one Go WEEK each month.”

The leadership team embraced it unanimously and the church approved it. Shortly thereafter, the church transitioned to the newly adopted model and took the name, G3 Community Church.

Because of this new direction, the church designed a budget that would be more intentional towards missions, outreach, evangelism, and community. “There is a scriptural basis for this type of gathering,” Pastor Doug shared, “we feel called to follow God and the prompting he has given us.”

As a result, G3 Community Church is currently sending thousands of dollars a month out to the mission field and community, that would not have been sent before. Please review our missions page to see all of the wonderful missionaries and programs we support, and we are always adding more.

G3 Community Church is not looking for a building. We are not looking for additional overhead. What the church is looking for is more people who are passionate about the Kingdom of God, equipping people to serve, and empowering those who are already serving.